• Hannah Conway

3rd Home Loss In A Row - Tut, Tut, Tut

Boro did not gain any points on Wednesday night against Rotherham, who sit just at the top of the relegation zone. Embarrassing to say the least.

Rotherham, I can honestly say, played a brilliant game against the Boro (shown in the stats of having 6 shots on target, compared to our 1). They started out strong and knocked their first into the back of the net in the 43rd minute, by Matt Crooks shot from 20 yards.

You could tell that Boro were missing the key players, Dael Fry in defence and the push of Tavernier at the front – something that fans will be hoping to be back sooner rather than later, especially with Norwich away this Saturday.

Brit showed some effort in the game when he curled an early one past the post, whilst Rotherham continued to be the better half in the first 45 minutes.

However, in the second half, Boro did dominate the second half, with better possession and Watmore had some good moments.

But that was not enough as Michael Smith managed to win their penalty in the 79th minute. And in the 92nd, Ryan Giles made the score 3-0 with a laughable ‘megs’ through Bettinelli’s legs – a laughable moment on Boro’s account.

With a win against Rotherham, which was The Millers first win against Middlesbrough since the 1964-65 season, we could have moved back into the play-off spot but with the opposition's efforts, they managed to sit tightly in 7th.

Warnock comments on the match, telling BBC Tees that:

"Some of the changes we had to equalise were embarrassing really; if we can't score now, I don't know where we go.

"I thought we had enough chances to win the game - the first goal was vital and disappointing, and the penalty was a disgrace.’

This is now the second loss in a row, and in total the fourth league defeat in the past six games for the Boro – things are not looking good.

On Saturday we face top of the league Norwich - away from home in an early kick-off at 12:30.

If Boro can’t pull their fingers out their arses against Rotherham, God knows how bad Saturday’s game will be against Norwich.

We will need some sort of luck for even a half-decent game at this rate – and luck that might not even be enough! I am not expecting big things.

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