• Hannah Conway

Dangerous Play? Not In The Eyes of Dean Whitestone

Boro lost to Blackburn at home on Sunday afternoon, and fans are questioning if this was due to Fry’s injury and the controversy around it.

Not long into the game, in the 18th minute, we were denied a well-deserved penalty after Jarrad Branthwaite sliced Fry's face with a very high foot that left him with a nasty injury and was made to leave the pitch.

Not being funny, but as the incident was not seen as ‘dangerous play’ then Dean Whitestone is definitely overdue an appointment at Specsavers.

Warnock spoke about the injury after the match, quoting:

"The doctor says he's a millimetre from losing his eyeball,

"When I saw Dael's injury, I saw the challenge like everybody's seen, it's a red card, it's endangered the player's safety. He should have been sent off, it should have been a red card,

"That turned the whole game for me that, I was gutted for Dael when I saw the mess that he was in."

As Branthwaite actions were not seen a malicious and not get a red card is laughable, not in a funny way but more of a mocking way – to say that Fry was a millimetre from losing his eye and wrecking his career.

When looking back at the game, Middlesbrough could have been entitled to a penalty with the dismissal of Branthwaite for dangerous play. However, as this was not the case, the game continued as if nothing had happened.

Overall, I think that Blackburn had the better first half with Britt giving the opponents the opportunity to palm a free-kick over the bar and in extra time also blocking Spence’s effort after a good run-up to the box.

Post-half-time though, Boro took control back with Tav and Morsy proving some good defending.

But Boro were just not lucky enough to allow Blackburn to knock one in the in 63rd minute. Blackburn’s Joe Rothwell, assisted by Harvey Elliott, took a left-footed shot from the centre of the box and tucked it into the bottom left-hand corner.

Fans are still questioning if the incident and a potential red card, taking Blackburn down to ten men, would have resulted in a different outcome. Looking and reviewing the highlights, this was 100% dangerous play in my eyes, and Blackburn should have been taken down to 10 men.

Even if the act was not intentional, and it was a complete accident, this is not an excuse for dangerous play and for the potential loss of sight.

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